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Putting – Some Basic Rules

The putting green, is that area of the hole being played which is specially prepared for putting or any other area defined as such by the golf course committee. It does not include the fringe, that area around the green often cut to a higher level.

  • A ball is deemed on the green, when any part of it touches the green. A ball is also on the green if the ball is on the green perched on top of caked mud or debris. It is not on the green if lying off the green with caked mud or any other attached debris touching the green or putting surface.
  • A ball on the green may be lifted and cleaned any number of times without penalty, unless it is on the wrong green. If  on the wrong green, the ball must be lifted (no penalty) and can be dropped within 1 club length of the point on the course nearest the original spot, not nearer the hole, not on another green or in a hazard. The ball must not be played from another green.
  • Ball marks, hole plugs, or damage on the green may be repaired; no other damage may be repaired if it is deemed to assist a player in his subsequent play.
  • A player may not test the surface of the putting green by rolling a golf ball, or by roughening or scraping the green.

The Penalty for any of these infringements, is the loss of the hole and a 2 stroke penalty.

The etiquette of green play is to repair damage made by a ball; no damage should be done to the putting surface by leaning on your putter, putting golf bags and flag sticks down. Spike damage can only be repaired on completion of the hole.

Golf rules come from “The Golf Rules Dictionary” by Hayden Rutter.

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