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Golf Memorabilia – A Brief History


At the turn of the century, baseball was America’s sport and the ballpark was an affordable oasis for working class factory workers and farmers across the country. The earliest sports memorabilia collected was baseball trading cards which eventually led to the creation of the sports collectibles industry that exists today.

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According to legend, the Honus Wagner card was pulled from the American Tobacco Company’s 1909 set due to Wagner’s objection to the use of his image for the promotion of tobacco products. It is estimated that only 50 to 100 of these cards exist today, and one was sold in 2007 for a record $2.8 million.

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Babbe Ruth a well recognized and known baseball player

Tobacco companies were first to capture the national enthusiasm for baseball and direct it towards a collectible market. Back in the late 1800s, when advertising techniques and mass production were being developed, companies would often provide insert cards in everything from tobacco to soap. The Goodwin Company of New York was the first to market a numbered set of baseball cards in 1887. The printing of the trading card on the back of the cigarette and cigar boxes went on for another 30 years.

Recognizing the opportunity, bubble gum companies decided to manufacture collectible cards in the 1930’s since idol-worshiping kids enjoyed collecting and trading these cards. World War II stalled the manufacturing of cards until 1950, halting the industry’s momentum. Then in 1952, Topps released the first card to have a player image, team logo, player vital information, and up-to-date career statistics.

As other professional sports leagues were formed, trading cards were modelled after baseball cards to be printed and sold. In the post-war 1950s, sporting equipment became economically. As sports memorabilia collecting became more popular and profitable, the opportunity for fraud was irresistible to unscrupulous dealers. This recklessness peaked with the FBI’s massive fraud crackdown, called Operation Bullpen, in 2000. To combat the bad press, the industry instituted the hologram-based authentication system that has been since revolutionized and is currently used by all authenticators.

When beginning a collection, you must first decide what you would like to collect, you must figure out how much you’re looking to spend. Before making any purchases, it’s absolutely vital to do research. Unfortunately, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran collector, sports memorabilia fraud is something that should always be in the back of your mind. On a final note, it’s important to constantly catalogue each item in your collection.

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Golf Memorabilia

Today without a doubt, golf is one of the greatest leisure sports in western countries. Golf lovers range in age from three to 100 plus! The sport is overseen and promoted by the PGA, professional golfers are watched and cheered for by millions of fans. Once a golfer wins a title, he or she quickly becomes a star gaining notoriety with endorsements from the most popular sponsors of the tournaments. Tiger Woods and young gun Jordan Spieth are good examples of young talent taking off.

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Tiger Grand Slam Champion

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Jordan Spieth the 2015 US Masters Winner, seen here wearing his green Augusta National blazer, and celebrating a his win on the green, the compilation also includes a 2015 Masters flag autographed by Jordon

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Charl Schwartzel 2011 Masters Champ



So, don’t be the only one left not owning a piece of their authentic autographed memorabilia.

Start a golf gallery in your home or office, look at the great signed Masters winners! HERE

Be the golf lover that gets to own a great autographed framed Jack Nicklaus piece that your friends will envy, or give it as a gift item to the golfer in your life! HERE

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Jack Nicklaus British Open Championship Farewell_

From legends of the past to the players of today, autographed golf memorabilia from tournaments around the world are at your fingertips in our golf section! HERE

For a selection of great autographed pictures look no further than Best of Golf South You will find an impressive selection of golf memorabilia autographed by your favourite golfers and representing some of the biggest PGA tournaments.

Our memorabilia is framed behind a special 3mm thick plastic sheet; this protects the photo from being damaged by breaking glass. It is a good idea to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Keeping your signed ball or photo safe will ensure that your investment grows in value as the athlete who signed the item continues to win!



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